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Designers with a Vision to produce the Quality award that you have worked so hard for.
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Thank you for making us what we are today, you have been a big part of this journey. As Designers with a Vision, we realize that you are that vision by allowing our sculptures to become the awards recognition to strive for. We are dedicated to providing you with the best Quality product at a great price. In addition, our unsurpassed customer service team guarantees your satisfaction. Always! Our name reflects our ambitions “Cowboy Bronze” any cowboy can afford our sculptures.

   At Cowboy Bronze, the possibilities are endless. As you will see by our catalog we believe that the Equine awards recognition of your achievements is a concept of Quality, so by choice we are Equine Awards only. We are a direct manufacturer, not a wholesaler. Our products start with a clump of clay and ends with your award winning sculpture! I do my best to bring out the maximum detail with each sculpture, anything less is just not a Cowboy Bronze! We take pride in our work, knowing that our reputation depends on the correctness of your winning sculpture. Your satisfaction is our goal! Thus, we continually strive for perfection in our work and service, assuring you a sculpture worthy of the hard work you have put into winning it. I’m not an artist, just someone that wants your award to look like it’s suppose to. Please let us know how we can help you, we always appreciate and value your input.

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